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Monday, August 8, 2011

Amazaon App Store

                                                                                                            Just a quick review. Yes Amazon has it's own android app store. Big deal, why do I need another app store on my phone? You mutter. Well for starters competition is good in any field. But more tangible reasons: Amazon offers a different paid app for free every day, and some of them are simply awesome apps that you might not try otherwise. Not calling you cheap or anything like that. Another reason, sometimes an app is not to googles liking and will be pulled from their market but still be available at Amazon. Like the recent app that searches for any ringtone I want and gets it for free. Handy for those of us that live on the edge. One last reason, it is simply an awesome interface that has quickly become my favorite app market.
  To get this app you have to sidewise load it on your phone. This means you have to go into your settings and allow your phone to accept apps from non-google sources. Google this for your particular phone for step-by-step instructions. Don't worry it is not hard, usually one click.  Kind of funny using google to go around google!   then go to here  amazon app store  Good luck & introduce a little chaos to your apps.                                                  

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