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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update to Amazon App Store-Rotten?

I ran across this blog post by Ausie app development company shiftyjelly  entitled Amazon App Store: Rotten to the Core. My original post is here.  I also caught an interview with Shiftyjelly CEO Russell Ivanovic on All About Android at Twit. His beef with Amazon is legit and Amazon should come under pressure to change some of it's practices. I still think Amazon's App Store is a winner for consumers and developers. So long as we properly support the developers that have quality apps featured in Amazon's daily free app promotion. Quality work should be rewarded. And in case you can't get enough of this topic, first get some therapy, then go to Jonathan Lonczak's blog for a another view (which is where I got the fancy graphic at the top of the post). Always chaos, uh.  CEEKCNV2MG9C

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