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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Budget

Doing the family budget. How many of you hate the idea? Heck, how many of you have even tried to sit down with your spouse and start the process? Our own first attempts did not last long, the arguments did though. Money, or the lack of it, is the number one cause of issues within a marriage.  I should not say the lack of it. More like the mismanagement of your money. If money is so damn important than why do the majority of us detest thinking about it? That is except when it's time to spend our money. We all are pros at letting the stuff fly out of accounts. Keep reading and I will solve all your money issues with my proven system. It's easy and full proof, even the most dense of you will never have another money issue again. A system like this is priceless but since I just want to help our wallet and your marriage my secrets can be yours for only $19.95. LOL  Yeah right. If  believe anything like this than you deserve to send me $19.95. After 25 years of marriage my wife and I still fail at every budget we put together. But we improve each time. We no longer argue but let the experience pull us together, it is almost fun. OK, that is another fib, fun is too strong of a word. There are lots of sites and people where you can learn the specifics of budgeting I'll leave that to them. One recommendation, Dave Ramsey  . Here are some random thoughts to ponder and ideas to try.
 *A budget is vital and if married it must be done with your spouse, no delegating money management to the other because you are no good with numbers.
 * Leave your ego and blame at the door. Wasted money cannot be regained and fixing blame does nothing. Get over it and work towards improvement. Notice I said work towards, expect steps backwards, when they happen reread the first part of this statement.
*If you or your significant other are having trouble keeping your tempers in check then find some privacy and strip down and budget nude. Yes nude! It is really difficult to get angry at the person you love when they are naked. Plus you'll be motivated to get the budget over and get to more interesting activities.
*Pick a system and method that makes sense to both of you. We are currently using eeba, review coming later.  Just make sure you both agree and if it does not work try something else.
*Be honest about what you spend, owe, and earn. No place for fantasy, except for what going to happen after your nude budget conference.
*Be an adult, do not put your hobbies in front of your obligations.  Expect to make sacrifices and appreciate the sacrifices your spouse will make.
* Stop Acting Rich both good advise and a good book, click the link.
*Nothing is set in stone. Your budget is meant to be revised, tweeked, and maybe even scraped for a new one. Revisit it often.
*There are rewards and they are worth the sacrifice.
*The family you love deserves less financial chaos.

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