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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Word Power

When a gentleman I was speaking to the other day found out I was an air traffic controller he stated "It must be something to have lives depend on your words." His statement stimulated my gray matter, always an exhilarating experience.  Are words that tumble out of my mouth anymore important than other peoples? No. The words that any of us speak are important. Our words affect those around us, often more than we realize. Sure, I happen to be in a job where the consequences of my words are immediately apparent, but that does not make them more important. We all would be surprised at the impact that even the least of our mutterings have on other people. We all have heard the stories and maybe even experienced the occasion where a kind word kept someone from doing something awful to themselves or others.  Good or bad impact is solely your choice.  That smile and "Good morning" you give to the waitress might be the only thing keeping her going day in and day out. Do not doubt it, your words have impact, you just might not have the blessing/curse of seeing that impact immediately.

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