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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Know, It's Generational. Talk or Text.

   Today an Indy morning radio show host, top 40 station, was complaining about people calling him instead of texting. He stated that there was little reason for people to disrupt his busy life with talk. Just text him and let him get on with his life. He stated most of the time he will not answer a call since that could mean that 10 minutes of his precious time would be lost. But text him and he'll text you back, I imagine while on I-65 doing 70mph driving to his next appointment.
   First I thought; young guy that's the way they communicate, my kids text alot. Then upon further reflection I thought what a selfish attitude. Its all about his time and inconvenience. If a person (exemption for telemarketers, bill collectors and other scum) thinks about you enough to make the effort to call you, grateful your attitude should be. Sorry, our GPS has Yoda as its voice.  These thoughts were fleeting at best as the day got going. Then in the late afternoon my lifelong friend John called. We have been friends since the 5th grade. At the time  I was in Walmart with my wife rushing to get something to take to the picnic that we were running late for. We had all the little kids with us, I was busy. John and I talked for 20 minutes. Upon saying goodbye, I felt happy and blessed. Then the words from the DJ came back to me and I felt sorry for what he was missing. Sometimes the typed words that appear on our tiny screens are exactly what is needed and texting itself is a marvel. However hearing each others voices is a gift that should not be thrown away.
   Now time to pass this lesson to my children.

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