Chaos + Growth = Change

Thursday, July 28, 2011



Placed in my arms, a reflection.
Spirit rejoices, heart pounds, thoughts race, breath breath.
Dark skin, eyes bright, out of love, creation.
She's crying! Doctor, nurse, wife, steady steady.

Two days pass, at home now, all is different.
Bassinet, carriage, crib. We are now three.
First bath given and diaper changed, only an hour spent.
Formula, bottles, pacifier, and joy, all provided.

Her first word spoken, step taken, and hurt felt all teach me to pray.
Pre-school, kindergarten, bike riding, too fast, too fast.
A flower with curly petals, toothless grin, years ago, just yesterday
Just a photo but so much more, wish time would slow.

Loves rain held, communion, dressed in white.
Soccer, report cards, concerts, birthdays, we go and go.
Bed time stories and a kiss is the hearts treasure each night.
Right on time high school starts, driving lessons, please do not stop.
Gods mercy, joy and love shown in an remarkable way.
Da, dada, daddy, dad, love swells.
Fathers pride more than letter, word, phrase dare say.
Placed in my soul, a reflection.
Written for my daughter on her graduation.

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