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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Parking spots, jerk move?

Just had a conversation with a co-worker who was trying to justify taking up two parking spots with his vehicle. Is this always a jerk move?  He argues that he is tired of having his car damaged by people who slam their car doors into his car. But come on, who is not. This unfortunate event has happened to all of us. What makes anyone or their car more special than the rest of us? And as many of us with small children know you can try to instruct them till you are blue in the face, they will still whip the car door open before you can stop them. Sometimes the wind catches the door and surprises you and, damn a dent. Now, this does not mean that you are not responsible and need to make the situation right ( Yeah I know most scum will not.). None of this means that you have the right to two parking spaces thus becoming the biggest jerk of the parking lot. There is a reason most people get peeved when they see someone taking two or more spots, it's wrong. I find parking as close to their vehicle regardless an amusing solution. But then again I do not mind escalating a confrontation. Heck some one has to teach them proper parking etiquette. Remember embrace the chaos.

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  1. While I have a big truck (F-150) and can't get to close to double parked cars and still fit into the parking space and not taking up two spots myself, I will park really close to a double parked car if I'm in my wife's Mazda 5. Which has peeved off some people in the past, but they usually don't confront me, because they know what they did was wrong. I can just tell on their face that they aren't happy.