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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Movies-"Harry Brown"

Harry Brown came out in 2009 and stars Michael Caine as Harry Brown a former Royal Marine whose apartment complex has been infected by drug dealers and other delinquents who are basically making everyone's life hell.  They wake Harry Brown out of his slumber when they wind up killing his best friend. There are a number of reasons to watch this film. Michael Caine of course gives a great performance and the opening sequence is riveting. The scene that really makes the film worthwhile is with the character called Stretch played by Sean Harris. Stretch will make your skin crawl and after the scene I felt like I needed a shower. Just when you think a human cannot get more debased Harris takes Stretch lower. A very good performance. This is not a feel good movie at all and the ride it takes you on is through the dark places of the soul. In part the  characters try to control the chaos which at points needs to be embraced.

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