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Saturday, June 25, 2011

App Talk

Some apps that I enjoy and find useful. These are android apps but at least one of them is available on iOS.


                                                                                                                                                                             Jorte is an electronic personal organizer that looks like the paper organizers us pre-smartphone, heck pre-palm pilot people used to buy. Jorte has many customization allowing you to truly make it your own. Jorte also can synce with Google calender and will work with Google voice and maps for a total organization package. I like this app so much I find myself playing around with it as if it was a game. Best of all it is free. For more info or download from the Andoid market.

Pulse is a newsreader. But the most amazing newsreader I've used. A newsreader simply brings the new posting of websites you want to follow together in one spot for your enjoyment. Pulse plain out looks good and it lets me keep up with 60+ websites quickly and effectively. You can share with Facebook, Twitter, and email stories with a click. You can also keep favorite stories for future reference. Keep up with all your hobbies or interests in the most pleasant and effective way. Try this app and you will be hooked and yes it is also free.


 Is a phone/tablet keyboard worth paying a few bucks for? Yes, if it is Thumb Keyboard. The different layouts available are intuitive and great to type with. This keyboard has made me as fast as my teen daughters at texting, enough said.

That all for now enjoy the apps and in the case of Thumb Keyboard embrace chaos and spend a few bucks.

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